Guide to Lock LTE Band’s in Qualcomm Snapdragon Android Phones

Qualcomm innovated LTE 4g, CDMA, WCDMA and other wireless devices. 90% of Android phones using Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset because of their quality and innovation. Qualcomm Snapdragon, the only chipset provider 4g LTE, speed up to 1gbps and Qualcomm first devolved 4g LTE chipset for smartphones. After Qualcomm Huawei Kirin and Samsung Exynos developed 4g LTE chipset then MediaTek also. Thier is many bands available for 4G LTE network also Network provider, and Android Phones provide multiple LTE bands so sometimes slow speed network problem when phone switch the bands. MediaTek user can Lock LTE Band by Mtk Engineer Mode also Samsung smartphone user can lock band via Service Code but Snapdragon Android Phones hard to change. Here we will guide you Guide to Lock LTE Band’s in Qualcomm Snapdragon Android Phones.

Snapdragon Android Phones users can lock the band via qpst but its to hard for beginners. But here is an app called Network Signal Guru for Snapdragon device Snapdragon Android Phones user can easily lock 4G LTE bands 2300 Band 40, 1800 band 10, 850 Band 5 to get better speed and network coverage.


  • Required Rooted Devices.
  • A Wifi connection.
  • 4G LTE sim.
  • Download Network Signal Guru and read guides.

Network Signal Guru
Network Signal Guru

Guide to Lock LTE Band’s in Qualcomm:-

1.) Download and install Network Signal Guru on your android phone.

2.) First Time connect wifi and Open Network Signal Guru app wait for complete config download.

3.) Now ‘tap‘ on Magic icon then band locking.


4.) Select ‘LTE.’


4.) Select a band you like to lock I will suggest band 2300 and 850 for India LTE network like Jio

Lock LTE Band's in Qualcomm

Here are the speed test and coverage result after lock band 850 in Jio network

More Guides:-

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