Repair IMEI of Snapdragon Device Xiaomi, Zte and others

Repair IMEI of Snapdragon Device Xiaomi, Zte, Huawei, Micromax, Yu, and others Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset Phones with Write DualIMEI Tool.

IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity all phones need to register the device with Service provider to active data, SMS, call service. Without IMEI can’t possibly register your device to Service Provider if on your device no IMEI or invalid IMEI then no signal will come. Sometimes users lost their phone IMEI no by Reset the device, after Update the device, by installing custom ROMs and other customization. Mtk device easy way can change the IMEI by rooting or others tool available in The Internet but Qualcomm Snapdragon device very hard to repair change IMEI here we found a tool to change Repair IMEI of Snapdragon Device Xiaomi, Zte and others.

Some Supported Devices and Chipsets:-

Xiaomi Qualcomm Snapdragon device, Zte – Nubia Qualcomm Snapdragon device, Micromax Qualcomm Snapdragon device, Coolpad Qualcomm Snapdragon device, One Plus Qualcomm Snapdragon device, Oppo Qualcomm Snapdragon device, Vivo Qualcomm Snapdragon device, Lyf  Qualcomm Snapdragon device, and others Snapdragon Chipset Like Snapdragon 210, Snapdragon 615, Snapdragon 650

This Tool Tested in Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Xiaomi Redmi 2, Zte V5, Zte Blade, Zte S6, Micromax Snapdragon Phones, and Lyf Handset.

Preparation :- 

  • Enable USB Debugging.
  • Some Device Need unlocked bootloader Here you can Search your phone bootloader unlock Guide.
  • Need Rooted Device You Can Search Root Guide From Here.
  • Install ADB Driver From Here.
  • Install Driver Identifier on your PC to Install Qualcomm Driver  Link.
  • Download Required tools.
  • Read Instructions.

Download Snapdragon IMEI Repair tool


Guide To Repair IMEI Of Snapdragon Devices:-

Step 1 -> Read Preparation Root the device and unlocked bootloader, Install ADB driver and Driver Identifier.

2 -> Note Down The IMEI number in Notepad.

3 -> Download “” and “WriteDualIMEI_W_G_eMMC.rar” and unzip it.

4 -> Connect your phone to PC.

5 -> Go to adb-fastboot-tool-2016 folder and run command prompt by Shift + Mouse Right – > Open Cmd Here


6 -> Now Type This Commands

adb shell

  • Then


  • Give Root Permission On Your Device.

setprop sys.usb.config diag,adb

  • This Comand Will Open DIAG COM Port.

7 – >Now Open Driver Identifier and Scan Uninstalled Driver Then Download and Install Qualcomm COM Port Driver Manually  Via Device Manager.

DIAG COM Port driver

8 -> Go To WriteDualIMEI_W_G_eMMC and Run WriteDualIMEI(W+G_eMMC).exe .

9 -> Select Com Port and paste the IMEI from Notepad Then Click Start.


10 -> Reboot and check IMEI By *#06#.

  • Change Repair IMEI of Redmi Note
  • Change Repair IMEI of Redmi Prime 2
  • Repair IMEI of Mi4 I
  • Change Repair IMEI of Snapdragon

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  1. Ruhan yagmur says

    Nubia z9 max snaprago 615 işlemcl I picked up the phone , but the phone did not turn on the installation etc. Rom , 5:02 nx512j model and android version with the phone does not open all the closed , need technical information to help

  2. Ruhan yagmur says

    I’m sorry, I’m fixing
    Nubia z9 max snaprago 615 processor picked up the phone , but the phone does not turn I did not install any ROM phone nx512j model and android 5:02 version with the phone does not open all the closed , need technical information to help

    1. rajajana says

      install stock firmware

  3. Ricardo Alonso says

    What if i don’t have Baseband on the phone?
    I’m trying Xiaomi Mi2

    1. rajajana says

      if you have Qualcomm device then it will work in xiaomi phone

  4. Niresh says

    When I giving su command it says su is not recognized

    1. raja says

      your device must be rooted to do this

  5. ahmad says

    nubia Z11 ?

  6. sajitr says

    not working on lenovo a6000plus

  7. osama butt says

    my device is rooted..i try number of time but when i put su command “permission denied” appear 🙁
    my headset in oneplus 3.
    what should i do..plz tell me

    1. nitya says

      when you input su command, allow the root access on your phone

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