[MOD] Surround Sound Mod For Google Nexus 5X And Nexus 5

Nexus 5X Surround Sound

Nexus 5X Surround Sound

We Gizdev already posted Google Lg Nexus 5X unlock bootloader and root and twrp install method, xda members creating roms mods for Nexus 5X, nexus 5 Xda member sshafranko created Surround Sound Mod for 5x ,This mod will activate your handset speaker to work at the same time as your main speaker while playing music, watching videos, movies, when phone rings, and more, you can install it via twrp recovery, also by manually using root explorer, so lets go the guide, how to install, Surround Sound Mod For Google Lg Nexus 5X .


Preparation To Install 

  • Your Device Must Be Unlocked Bootloader .
  • Twrp Must Be installed .
  • Your Device Must Be Rooted .
  • Download The Zip File And Install It Via Recovery .


⇓⇓Download Surround Sound Mod⇓⇓


Surround Sound MOD -> Nexus_5x_Surround.zip

Volume Boost for Upper Loud Speaker -> Nexus_5x_Surround_+Loud.zip

Back To Stock sound -> Nexus_5x_ReverttoStock.zip 



  • Download Surround Sound MOD if you want loud sound then download the Volume Boost for Upper Loud Speaker zip .
  • Copy zip to sd card .
  • Turn your phone recovery mode install the zip wipe dalvik cache .
  • reboot and enjoy .
  • If you Wan To Back normal then download the Back To Stock sound zip and install via recovery .

Source -: xda 

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