How to Use Snapseed Bokeh Effect Perfectly on Android

Snapseed is one of the famous photo editing apps that comes with lots of professional photo editing tools in the smartphone. Bokek effect called as a portrait mode that gives a kind of blur effect on image background. This app is available for Android and iOS both device. Let’s see how to use Snapseed Bokeh Effect on Android.

Nowadays, most of the smartphone comes with default portrait mood features in the stock camera app. But if you are not satisfied with your device default bokeh mode, then you can manually change the Depth or Bokek effect using Snapseed. Snapseed is the best photo editing app among the play store. It offers 29 tools and filters that include Healing, Brush, Leans blur, HDR, Raw develope, Tunes image, crops, Rotate and more.

Snapseed Bokeh Effect Tutorial

Here we share two deferent methods to create a perfect Bokeh Mode Image via Snapseed. The first one is too easy, and it automatically creates bokeh effect on your picture. Where the second one is a little bit difficult, here you need to select manually photo, where you can want to use depth or bokeh effect. Follow Snapseed tutorial below to use Bokeh Effect on any picture.

Download Snapseed App

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Apply Portrait Mode Photo using Lens Blur.

  • First, open the Snapseed app and select a picture that you want to edit.

add image

  • Now click on the ‘Tool‘ option.
  • Scroll down and select ‘Lens Blur‘.

Linear blur 1

  • Select the focus or blur area effect shape. You can select ‘Elliptical Blur‘ or ‘Linear Blur‘ from the bottom menu.
  • Now adjust the blur size using Two fingers gesture. Also, adjust the position by drag the central dot into the object.

Linear blur 2

  • Then adjust the Blur strength as you like and click on the Right sign to save the effect.
  • If you are satisfied with this then click on the ‘Export‘ option and save the image.

Thats it. This step is to easy, simple and the output is also very good. But if you want more detailed Bokeh or Depth effect then follow the below steps. The second step is a little bit difficult than the previous one. So follow the guide properly.

Set the Bokeh Effect Manually on Image

  • Open the picture in Sanpseed, which you need to add bokeh mode.
  • Now click on the ‘Tool‘ option and select ‘Lens Blur‘.
  • Then you must now perform the pinch-in gesture as small as possible to make it a single circle. See the screenshot below.

Manual bokeh mode

  • Once done select on the Right sign button and then click ‘Edit stack‘ option.
  • Now select ‘VIew edits‘ option from the pop-up menu.
  • Next click on the ‘Lens blur‘ option and select Edit (middle icon) option.
  • Now highlight the object which you want to focus.
Note: You can use pinch-out gesture to zoom the image and make sure you have select all the corner properly, to make the process easier.
inver bokeh mode
  • Once done, select the ‘Invert‘ option to change highlighter to the background. See below screenshots.
  • Finally, click on the Right sign to save the effect.

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