Guide To Enable OSIE Vision Effect On Realme Smartphones

The Realme which was sub-brand of OPPO now made its base in Indian market especially. Here is how to enable OSIE vision effect on Realme Smartphones. Realme constantly gives competition to Redmi devices, especially in India. But in the end, the consumer is getting the benefit because of this competition. I personally don’t like the Color OS just looks trash but if you like it here is the one feature you can use it. The OSIE effect feature is hidden or you can say turned off by default in the Realme devices. You can enable OSIE vision effect on Realme smartphones following some simple steps.

What’s OSIE Vision Effect?

The OSIE is an abbreviation for Object and semantic images and eye-tracking. This feature is useful for the betterment of viewing experience. It uses artificial intelligence to manage the best viewing experience. But this one will only support some apps. Currently, this effect is available on Realme X, Realme XT, and Realme X2 Pro. You can try other models if you have it then great. You can try on various apps if the app is not supported it will directly pop up the message of the unsupported app. So if you wanna try this one out follow the steps below.

This feature will increase power consumption but it’s not noticeable but still, it consumes power a little bit more than the normal mode.

How To Enable OSIE Vision Effect On Realme:

1.) Open the settings menu on your Realme Device.

2.) Now go to Display and Brightness and scroll down.

3.) There at the end, you will find a toggle for OSIE Vision effect.

4.) After enabling the effect, you can check which apps support this effect by clicking on Apps that support the OSIE Vision effect. If you don’t have those apps you can also install them by tapping on the install button located on the side of those supported apps.

5.) One more step you have to do is to enable the smart sidebar option.

6.) To do that, Go to Settings–>Conveniance Aid–>Smart Sidebar toggle the smart sidebar ON. You can use the sidebar on the landscape as well as portrait mode adjust the landscape toggle ON or OFF according to your choice.

So this is how you enable OSIE Vision Effect on Realme smartphones. So how you can use this effect? See the below steps.

How To Use OSIE Vision Effect:

1.) Open the smart sidebar by swiping right from the screen when you are in portrait mode. If you are in landscape mode just swipe down from notch area to open the smart sidebar.

2.)Now tap on Add, and add the OSIE Vision Effect from the quick tools menu.

3.) Now just launch any supported app like Amazon Prime Video.

4.) Swipe from right or top to get the smart sidebar and tap on the OSIE effect. This will enable the feature.

If you try out any unsupported app the pop up of unsupported app will come. If you like the post, don’t forget to share it!! Also, like our official facebook page for more updates!! Join our telegram channel for updates directly to your phone!!

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