Download Steg App to Send Unsupported Files Through WhatsApp

Download Steg App to Send Unsupported Files Through WhatsApp

Download Steg App to Send Unsupported Files Through WhatsAppYou want to send some files over WhatsApp but returns with the error that files are unsupported? so here is the solution for this-this is the simple app named as Steg developed by a Xda forum member. It is a simple app which encodes the files as WhatsApp detects it as a supported file and the user will need to decode it by using steg app and done file is sent. But this app required to installed on both the phones that are sender and receiver. To send unsupported files this is a simple app so Download Steg App to Send Unsupported Files Through WhatsApp.

Steg APP:-

Steg is a simple handy app that allows you to send files through WhatsApp, popular messaging platform. Allows you to seamlessly send files relevant to your chat that’s unsupported by WhatsApp without the hassle of you going out of your way and using e-mail or Drive, etc. example another app you wish to show a friend or a zip file. It can also be used as a way to get around WhatsApp’s image compression when it distorts your photos. Or to send an Avi video. Whatever the file type, be it binary or text. Just make sure both parties have Steg installed. And whatever you want to share via WhatsApp, share with Steg instead.

This gives you an Encode Activity that’s already auto-filled the input. Just click Encode and Share Encoded File and then use WhatsApp to share. Really simple.On the other device, the person receives what you sent and all he has to do is click on it from WhatsApp, select Steg to open it, click on Decode file and then Open Decoded File. That’s it!! For more detail, we will provide screenshots below follow them for better understanding.

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Thus you can send unsupported files through the WhatsApp. Below the download link download the app from below link and send unsupported files without getting any error simple and easy.

Download Steg_.apk

Any problem comment below we are happy to help 🙂

Source XDA
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