Install TWRP Recovery and Root Redmi Note 8 Pro [All-In-Tool]

Finally, TWRP recovery for Redmi Note 8 Pro is available to download. So now, you can root Redmi Note 8 Pro easily. To flash TWRP Recovery here, we use the Ifelixit flasher/toolkit, and we have shared the full guide with recovery below. The tool allows all the most common operations, such as the installation of a custom recovery (for example, the TWRP), and unlocking the privileges of root. Here you will How to Root Redmi Note 8 Pro & How to Install TWRP Recovery on Redmi Note 8 Pro.

How to Root Redmi Note 8 Pro

Here we share “TWRP for Redmi Note 8 Pro,” which will make it easier to Root directly with recovery. If you don’t wait to install TWRP but want to root your device, then you can also do this using this tool. After rooting your device, you get some extra benefits such as install many Magisk modules, mods, and themes. If you have Redmi Note 8 Pro and you want to install Recovery on your device. Then you are in the right place.

TWRP Recovery For Redmi Note 8 Pro

TWRP stands for Team-Win Recover Project. We all know that TWRP recovery and rooting your smartphone is useful for customizing your device and installing mods. But installing TWRP recovery, you need some tools for flashing TWRP recovery. Before doing all those processes first, need to unlock the bootloader of Redmi Note 8 Pro. Without unlocking the bootloader, you can’t install TWRP on your device. Follow the guide below to install TWRP Recovery 3.3.1 for Redmi Note 8 Pro and read Pre-requisites before starting the installing process.

Download Redmi Note 8 Pro All In One Tool


Install TWRP For Redmi Note 8 Pro

1.) First, extract the tool zip and open ifelixit FLASHER TOOLKIT Begonia.bat.

2.) Now follow the screen box to flash TWRP.

3.) Select option ‘1’ (FLASH TWRP Recovery) and follow the screen.

4.) The phone should restart itself and enter TWRP mode and go to the root steps.

5.) In the TWRP menu, select “Keep Read Only” (do not allow system modifications).

TWRP For Redmi Note 8 Pro

6.) Now install the Magisk v20 or latest and Disable Dm-Verity ForceEncrypt.

7.) Reboot! Rooted and TWRP Recovery installed.

How to Root Redmi Note 8 Pro without TWRP

  • First, open ifelixit FLASHER TOOLKIT Begonia.bat.
  • Select option ‘2’ (ROOT ONLY) and follow the screen to connect and flash the root file.

Root Redmi Note 8 Pro

  • Once process, complete Reboot! Your device and enjoy it.

If you have any problems, do comment below. Also, for more updates on stuff like flashing, wallpapers, themes, etc. like our Facebook page.

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