Guide To Unbrick Flash Firmware Repair Imei of DZ09 Smartwatch

We will guide you on how to Unbrick Flash Firmware Repair IMEI of dz09 smartwatch. This guide would help you if you to install DZ09 firmware and bricked your DZ09 smartwatch. Also, we guide you how to repair IMEIDX09 is the budget smartwatch phone available at $ 18 to $ 20.

This smartwatch provides gsm functionality that is, we can insert the sim card and make or receive calls, SMS, etc. It also comes with micro sd card slot and can be used to store media files and play them from the smartwatch. 


  1. Need Windows PC with USB cable.
  2. Install Mtk Driver on your PC.
  3. Charge your smartwatch.
  4. Backup your apps contacts if the device was running.
  5. Download the zip unzip firmware tools.
  6. Read Instructions.

⇓⇓Download DZ09 Firmware & Toos⇓

Firmware + Imei Tool


File Size:- 65.75 Mb


Guide To Install DZ09 firmware:- 

  1. Download “DZ09” Unzip It.
  2. Go to “Flashtool” Folder Run Flash_tool.exe.
  3. Browse Download Agent from Flashtool Folder Choice” Mtk_Allinone_Da.bin”
  4. Click On Scatter/Config File Browser  Scatter From”Z09 Firmware” Folder.
  5. Browse”Config_mtk6260.cfg
  6. Go To Option Tic on”Usb Download/Readback
  7. Go To”Option Backup And Restore” Tic On Backup -> Downlaod/Format -> Restore .
  8. Click On Download
  9. Turn Off your device Re-Insert Battery.
  10. Connect USB Cable Flash Will Start.
  11. After Flash Done.
  12. Turn On Your Smartwatch And Check IMEI.

Guide To Repair IMEI:- 

  1. Unrar”Serial Number Writer.rar
  2. Run”Sn Writer.Exe
  3. Click On “System Config.”
  4. Browse Database file from”20150906ok” Folder Chose”BPLGUInfoCustomAppSrcP_MT6260_S00_HX_106KA_S1_LANGA
  5. Save And Start 
  6. Type Imei No Then Ok
  7. Turn Off Your Device.
  8. Then Connect To Pc Via USB Cable.
  9. Imei will be written.

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