How To Get Android Pie Notification On Any Android (Shades)

Liked that Android Pie notification shades? So here the how How To Get Android Pie Notification On Any Android (Shades). Recently, Google released Android P which is named Android Pie to many devices. Smartphones like Essential and other flagships got the Android Pie the day it launched. There are many new changes in the Android P. One of them is Notifications shades. Thanks to the developer TREYDEV INC for this app. You can use this app to get Android PIE Notification shade on Any Android Device. The app name is Power Shade Notification bar changer and manager.

About Power Shade Notification bar changer and manager:

TREYDEV INC made this awesome app to change the Notification shade. The most important thing is it does not require any root permissions to change the shades. Just download and install and do your customizations. TREYDEV INC also has a similar app which gave the Oreo shade to previous Android Versions. The Power shade notification bar changer and manager work on Any Android Version below Android 9.0.

Download Power Shade Notification Changer And Manager:

Download the app from above link. Install it as usual.

How To  Get Android Pie Notification On Any Android (Shades):

Open the Power Shade App. There you will see NOT Running Slider.

Move that slider to the right it will show you which permissions are needed to run this app.

Power Shade 1 512x1024

Enable all the permissions. Like Notification, accessibility.

Power Shade 2 512x1024

Now the Android Pie Notification Shade will be activated.

Power Shade 512x1024

Customize the Android Pie Notification Shade:

Power Shade not only provides the shade selection but also full customization of the notification bar. As shown in the screenshots below. you can customize your notification bar in every aspect. Like Layout, Colors and some extras like carrier name etc. There is a dark and light theme supported like in Android Pie. Also, the transparency can be changed from low to high.

So, if you want to customize your notification bar, this is the best app to do it. They are offering more customization on their pay version. They are offering a discounted price if you want you can get now at a discounted price.

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