Download Best MIUI Themes 2020 [Top 15 MIUI Themes]

The MIUI a UI provided by Xiaomi to all of its smartphones. It’s one of the popular, customizable UI available right now. There are lots of features available built-in MIUI itself. Themes, wallpapers, fonts, ringtones everything is available in just themes app. So I collected some of the best MIUI Themes 2020. These are the best MIUI 11 themes you can download right now. These are Top 15 MIUI Themes you can download from the below links. As the dark mode is now available with the MIUI 11 some of these will look great with some changes. Get some MIUI Live Wallpapers to make your home screen greater.

One of the best things is on MIUI you don’t need to root your device to get most of the customizations. Like installing fonts, changing themes and some other changes you don’t need the root access. Just you need the Themes app which is already available by preloaded in all of the Xiaomi smartphones coming with MIUI. If you want to disable ads in MIUI completely follow this guide. This will make your MIUI experience really good. So here are Top 15 MIUI Themes you can download by searching their names in Themes app. Just to note these are all Best MIUI 11 Themes 2020 it will work on MIUI 11 great.

Best MIUI Themes 2020

1.) Neon 999 Theme

This is one of the best Neon themes for MIUI device. This theme has a pure neon-like look and lightning type icons. The elegant design, attractive icons makes it one of the best Neon theme available for MIUI Xiaomi devices. I always had a place on my phone for a Neon theme which I really like them personally. So if you are with me just go to the themes app and search for this theme. I am attaching some screenshots so it will be helpful for you to find the theme faster. If you don’t like, no worries scroll down to check out more themes. Search for Neon 999.

2.) Remix

This theme will surely come in handy of those who use the dark mode on their smartphones. It uses dark notifications and dark UI throughout the system. Icons are somewhat materialistic inspired icons that really look good on those dark colors in the background. Though if you don’t like You can always change the icon packs. I suggest you use the Stock Android icon pack with this theme. Some icons are changed like charging icons etc. This is a simplistic design so for those who like the simple and clean design this theme is for them. So check out the screenshots below and get the theme. We have some more best MIUI themes coming in your way just scroll down. Search for Remix.

3.) MI Turns 5 Years

A minimal clean theme with MI turns 5 logo wallpaper in the background. Some great colors composition in the background and rounded colored icons makes it one of kind theme. The time clock on the home screen is also based on colors all the other icons and even some system icons are changed to colors. The colors are evenly distributed wit the dark red accent to the texts and icons. This is also a kind of dark theme which will really look good. Consider downloading this theme if you want a minimal dark and red-colored good looking UI. Check out some screenshots below. Search for MI Turns 5 to get this theme.

4.) Sapphire

This is a new theme apart from the above themes we have just seen. This is a transparent theme that will change the background to transparent. The wallpaper and background are greenish. The icons are also molded to make them even with the whole UI. Just to say it kinda looks a lot like OPPO’s Color OS because the icons and kind of greenish tint with transparent corresponds to the Color OS UI. To make it a more visual reference I have added the screenshots below do check them out before downloading the theme. Search for Sapphire in the themes app to get the theme.

5.) iOS Girl

This one for the iOS fanboys. Those who love the iOS UI can use this theme. This theme is purely based on the Apple iPhone UI. So you may be wondering about the iOS Girl name its because on the home screen there’s a picture of a girl which was trending in wallpapers sections earlier. Talking more about the theme, the theme has purely iOS icons, those bulgy iOS type icons are provided in the theme. So if you want to download the theme search for iOS girl name in the themes app. Get the iOS font for MIUI devices. Another iOS 13 Theme For MIUI devices.

6.) BlackShark 2

We have already posted about this theme of Xiaomi BlackShark 2. The one which is we already posted is Blackshark 2 3D Theme For Xiaomi Devices. This theme is based on the Xiaomi’s new gaming series named as BlackShark. The icons and UI all are based on that Blackshark UI so if you want that theme you can search for BlackShark 2 on themes app. If you don’t like to try above Blackshark 2 3D Theme.

7.) Epic V2

This one is a different theme apart from other themes we have seen already. The icons are spaced much more than normal in between icons spacing.  The notification icons are also changed and are really good. If you want different icons you can apply that too. Still, in this theme the home screen clock is also customized like the time is written in letters rather than showing numbers. So if you want to download the theme search for Epic V2 in Themes app.

8.) City Lightz

Another best dark theme is here, you can get the best stylish dark mode in this theme. The icons are stylish and have a white accent to the texts. The texts look pretty good with the dark mode enabled. Also, in this theme, the clock is customized and made with a stylish font which will be get displayed on the home screen as well as on the lock screen. The icons are made rounded and have a little white accent to the outer area of the icons. Because of this great black and white combinations, the theme looks great. Search for City Limitz name on the themes app. This is one of the Best MIUI Themes 2020.

9.) IUI Dark TT

This one is another dark theme for MIUI devices. The difference is its not fully a dark UI its a combination of dark and other colours. So if you don’t want a full-fledged dark theme you can opt for IUI dark TT theme.  The icons are rounded and are almost same as stock MIUI icons, yeah some icons are changed. It’s a clean UI without any feeling of heaviness. You can search for IUI Dark TT name in the Themes app to get the theme.

10.) Greenest Theme

This one has a greenish tint on the background with a greenish type wallpaper. In this theme almost most of the stuff is customized. Icons are made with white lines which seems small and compact. They look good if you use a minimal UI setup with this theme. The transparency is available, you can see in notification panels. The clock is also customized you can check it in the below screenshots. To download this theme search for Greenest in the themes app.

11.) Sendiri Lagi

You can call this theme an iOS inspired theme. Say why? Because the dialer and lock screen looks like iPhone and the icons are customized. The icons are white bordered just like we have seen in the above theme. If you are iOS styled lover you can get this theme with some modifications to the theme. It looks really good and its worth a shot. If you want to download the theme search for Sendiri Lagi in the Themes app.

12.) Perfect S8 Light

This one is for the Samsung UI lovers. Perfect S8 light theme is based on the UI in the Samsung Galaxy S8. If you remember the Galaxy S8 UI and really like it then you can consider downloading this UI. The icons are like cloned icons from the Samsung Experience UI from Galaxy S8. To download this perfect S8 light UI search for Perfect S8 light in the themes app.

13.) Sampeu

The Sampeu theme is the theme with the stock Android type icons. These are stock Android rounded icons which look good just like Google stock icons we have seen on the Pixel devices. The clock is also changed so you can see the changed clock style. It changes some of the icons of popular apps like WhatsApp etc. To download the theme search for Sampeu in the themes app.

14.) Bluedot NY

As the name suggests this theme is based on the blue dots all over in the themes. The clock style is also made blue with some dots in it. All the system icons are replaced by blue coloured icons. The blue dots wallpapers are available on the home screen and also visible on the lock screen. If you like the blue coloured icons you can download the theme. To download the theme search for Bluedot NY in the themes app. This one is best MIUI 11 Themes 2020.

15.) Bright Sunny Skies

Here is the last theme, the bright sunny skies theme is the best nature theme. The wallpapers provided is really good. Apart from that nothing much is changed. Still, if you want a theme with a nature like a touch you can download the theme. If you want to download the theme search for Bright Sunny Skies in the themes app.

How To Download Themes:

  1. Firstly, select the theme you want to download.
  2. Now, open “Themes” app on your Xiaomi smartphone.
  3. In the search bar above type the theme name you want to download.
  4. You will get the search results, select the theme and then tap on download.
  5. After, download you can apply the theme from the Themes app.

So that’s all for Best MIUI Themes 2020 edition. These are the Best MIUI 11 Themes 2020 edition you can call it.

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