How to Combine Multiple Screenshots in One Single Image

How to Combine Multiple Screenshots in One Single Imagecombine Multiple Screenshots

Sometimes you need to share personal chat screenshots from WhatsApp Facebook and other social chats you need send the full conversion chat screenshot one by one, When you want to share your phone theme wallpaper icons screenshot you need to send one by one so here some android application to combine your phone screenshot in single image  here some apps names, you can share full conversions of your chat in single image with this apps How to Combine Multiple Screenshots in One Single Image .

Stitch & Share: big screenshot

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Developer: Glitch
Price: Free+

Stitch & Share: big screenshot Features:-

• Several screenshots are put into one tall screenshot
• Screenshots are put in the right order automatically
• Edit and redact if needed
• Don’t clutter your friends with tons of screenshots, but send just one link or image
• It’s quick & easy!

Image Combiner

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Developer: ZomboDroid
Price: Free

Image Combiner Features:- 

  • Combining/merging multiple images
  • Share or save created images
  • Combine images vertically or horizontally
  • Two different image adjustment options for combining images of different sizes
  • Share to” Image Combiner
  • Very lightweight and simple

Scroll Capture for The Web

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Developer: Evening Labs
Price: Free

Scroll Capture for The Web Features:- 

Auto Screenshot at When Reading Books Chats

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