How To Get Headset Audio Boost For MI Max 2 Max Sound

There is always never ending customizations, moding options available for Android. So as obvious there are too many customizations available for MI Max 2. If you are not satisfied with your headset volume on Xiaomi MI Max 2, you can use this MOD. Also, if you want to kill your war too 😀 Just kidding, the volume is clear enough this MOD just increases the loudness and fortunately equivalent to the clear audio. You need to be rooted MI Max 2 with TWRP installed or if you want to flash the Magisk Module then you will need Magisk Module. Follow the post, How To Get Headset Audio Boost For MI Max 2 Max Sound. You will surely get High Sound On MI Max 2.

About the Headset Audio Boost For MI Max 2:

This MOD is for increasing the loudness when the headset is plugged in. It can be used to get High Sound On MI Max 2. Audio boost for MI Max 2 is needed for users like who wants to hear music loudly. We can use this loudness on sounds like Home theatre who has the jack supported. So it is useful in various scenarios.


  • Xiaomi MI Max 2 Rooted And TWRP Recovery Must be installed
  • Magisk Should be installed (If you want to install VIA Magisk Module)

Thanks to the XDA developer RKMADOTRA for developing flashable TWRP Recovery ZIP of this MOD. And Thanks to REVERSEGEAR for Magisk module. All credits go to them. If you don’t know how to flash the MOD just follow below guide/procedure to get High sound On MI Max 2.

Download Section:

Guide To Get Headset Audio Boost For MI Max 2:

For Installing VIA TWRP Recovery:

1.  Download Flashable ZIP from the download section.

2. Copy it to your Internal storage.

3. Hold Volume Up + Power to turn into recovery mode.

4. Go To install and navigate to Flashable zip ⇒ Swipe To Install.

5. Back and reboot the device.

For Installing VIA Magisk:

  1. Download the above ZIP on your phone.
  2. Open the Magisk Manager application.
  3. Tap on the floating button and browse the module.
  4. Select the ZIP file you downloaded and flash the ZIP.
  5. Reboot your MI Max 2.

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Source XDA Forum
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