How To Turn Off Google Assistant On Android [Easy Method]

Google Assistant released a while ago, It’s been much more evolved since its launch. But if you want to break, here’s How To Turn Off Google Assistant On Android. It’s an easy method you can follow up easily. Assistant, Now it comes with preloaded with every Android smartphone. It’s really helpful, in my case I use it on a daily basis. Whether it may be about finding my study-related questions to setting reminders and all. Everyone is too much invested in Google Assistant, One day I was attending my college fest, everyone was using Assistant. It has access to personal conversations too. So I dug up how do I turn off Google Assistant. So I can shut off Google assistant or limit its functionality according to my use. I got an easy method to shut off google assistant now if you want you can follow that too to turn off google assistant on any android.

How To Turn Off Google Assistant:

To shut off Google assistant follow the steps below. This is How Do I Turn_Off Google Assistant on my phone.

1.) Firstly Open you need to go to Google Assistant settings. You can say either Hey Google or OK Google or you may have set the key to trigger assistant.

2.)  Now in the Google Assistant tap on Explore icon as shown in the screenshot. Then tap on your profile –> Settings –> Assistant Tab

3.) Just scroll down until you find the ”Phone” option. as shown in the above screenshots.

There is another way to get to this step if you haven’t set up the Google Voice trigger.

1.) Just go to Google Search App –> Tap on More

2.) Now go to Settings –> Google Assistant –> Assistant Tab

3.) There you can scroll down to find the ”Phone” option.

Now we are on the same step. Just Tap on the ”Phone” option. Now you can turn off Google assistant options easily.

What if you want to use Google Assistant only in some scenarios? So here’s what you can do without Shut off Google Assistant you can limit its functionality. Like when you are driving and you want to play music or take some route so you can use Google Assistant easily.

Limiting The Functionality:

1.) Follow the above 3 steps to get to the ”Phone” option as mentioned in the above steps.

2.) Now, tap on the phone option. In the voice match section.

3.) Turn Off ”Access With Voice Match” so turning off this option won’t disable Google Assistant in Map and Google Auto. This is the best alternative way of not disable Google Assistant.

Still, Worried About Accessing Personal Conversations?

If you are worried or don’t want Google to get access to your personal conversations here’s what you can do.

1.) Again Go to the ”Phone” option as stated in the above steps.

2.) Now in the voice and speech section tap on preferred input option

3.) Select keyboard input.

Done, you can now just use keyboard input for Google Assistant rather than using the voice input. If you like the post, don’t forget to share it!! Also, like our official facebook page for more updates!! Join our telegram channel for updates directly to your phone!!

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