Top 15 Best Google Chrome Themes Dark And Minimal Design (2020)

Top 15 Best Google Chrome Themes Dark And Minimal Design (2020)

One of the most popular browsers is Google Chrome. Though its known as RAM eater but still its one of the best among all the other browsers. So you can easily customize Chrome with attractive and stunning themes. The dark accents, wallpapers will look great if you have a good display and also will somewhat help at night. Just like applying the theme to your desktop same we can apply the theme in Chrome. So here are the some 15 best Google Chrome themes. These are minimalist google chrome themes with dark background touches.

No doubt Google Chrome is the most popular browser available right now. It’s available on Windows, MAC, Android, iOS too. It’s fast and has better options for customizations and synching. Yeah, its RAM eater but if you have 4GB RAM with SSD it really works great. Apart from minimalist google chrome themes, there are tons of extensions available on the Chrome store. So let’s check out some of the best Google Chrome themes. If you have other suggestions tell me in the comments I will check them for sure. First, we will see how to install those themes guide and then start the list.

How To Install Themes:

1.) Open your Chrome browser and search for Chrome Web Store in the address bar. Or you can just put chrome://apps/ in the address bar it will show you apps and there tap on Chrome Web Store.
2.) In the Chrome Web Store, search for theme name from the list provided below in this post.
3.) Now click on add to chrome.
add to chrome step 1024x255
4.) Done you can now see your theme is applied successfully.


Best Minimalist Google Chrome Themes

1.) Polar Chub

polar bear 1024x462

This is the kinda cute animal theme. The animal in this theme is the polar bears in the snow. This is a baby polar bear background theme with eye-soothing colours. Thanks to the developer APOFISS for this theme. You can check out his other themes based on animals. So if you want a cute animal theme with a new type of colour background you can get this theme.

2.) One Piece D. Monkey Luffy

one piece 1024x491

Have you watched the One Piece Anime? If you have watched you may know this character. So talking about the theme on one side there’s a skeleton and with a dark background. This theme is high resolution will support any monitor with high resolution. So you can download the theme if you like a dark background with some one-piece anime touch. Get the theme from the below links.

3.) End Of The Road

end of road theme 1024x492

Next up in our Best Google Chrome themes is End of the road theme. Some essence of nature and car wallpapers in the background makes it a better theme. The background is filled with hills and a car. Above the wallpapers, there is a dark tint. This is the most important thing in the dark accent you can clearly see the extension and options without any issue. So if you want a good looking theme with a dark accent then download the theme.

4.) Iron Man Material Design

iron man 1024x490

This is another best Minimalist google chrome themes. The wallpapers are of an iron man flying burning his repulsors. Wallpapers look like a material design with a dark accent. This theme is also a black theme for which the icons and options will be fairly visible when you apply the theme. The above title bar will become dark which looks cool. Check out the screenshot above. Download the theme from the below links.

5.) Lamborghini Cherry

lamborghini 1024x469

If you are an automobile lover and have a love for luxurious cars then this theme is for you. In this theme, the background is of the Lamborghini car with red colour. This theme will make the title bar and below of them polished with a red colour. I am sure the wallpaper alone will make you fall in love with the theme. So if you want a Lamborghini theme you can download it from below links. Here’s one more trick, Enabling home button on Chrome.

6.) Cosmopolise

cosmopolise 1024x491

This is one of the nightly themes with a dark background wallpaper. The wallpaper is kind of nightly based on some black tint. The wallpaper is materialistic that’s what makes it even better. If you want a dark theme with a nightly sense of wallpaper then this one is for you. Check out the above screenshot so you can have a more visual reference. Try this theme once. Download the theme from the below links.

7.) Mark Echo

marc ecko 1024x490

This is one of the different themes from all the above themes. This is an abstract theme that looks like a painting. The wallpaper is the abstract type and you can feel the graffiti art. So if you into abstract wallpapers then you should surely try out this theme for sure. You can get the theme from the below links.

8.) Material Incognito

material incognito 1024x490

You may have used the Chrome incognito mode for sure. Whether it may watching some serious stuff…I get it. When you turn the incognito mode ON the black background appears on the screen. If you want that black background with some materialistic touch you can get this theme. Check the below link to download the theme.

9.) Night Time In New York

Screenshot 1 1024x490

This is again a night city theme. The new york city nightlife wallpaper is set as a background in this theme. Unlike our previous night theme, this one is not a having materialistic wallpaper. Its a plane simple wallpaper which really looks good if you like the night city life kinda wallpapers. Download the theme from the below links. I think this is a really good theme if you want a dark and night theme combination.

10.) Earth In Space

earth is space theme 1024x491

As the name suggests this theme contains a background wallpaper of earth. The space wallpaper of the solar system and the earth on the side looks great. This has also a black accent so that you can easily get the information and it will not hide because of other colours. The title bars don’t get changed they just get merged with the name accent colour. Blue, White and Black colours are available in the theme. See the above screenshot so you can get an idea. So if you want to download this Best Google Chrome themes earth in space link is below.

11.) MKBHD’s Material Black

MKBHD Material Dark Theme 1024x491

If you are into tech reviews and stuff on YouTube then you may have known MKBHD a famous tech YouTuber. He has his channels logo and covers with the materialistic image or theme. So this materialistic image or theme is adopted in this Material Black theme. So if you love this design you can download the theme. This is one of the good minimalist google chrome themes. See the screenshot above for more reference. Below is the download link you can download from the below links.

12.) Midnight Train Dark Theme

Midnight Train 1024x491

So this one is also a dark theme. The midnight dark-themed wallpaper is available on this theme. The train track wallpaper theme is used as wallpaper. The title bar is made as navy blue colour which does not reflect much so the options can be seen clearly. Also, all the buttons like Google search look better in this colour. So if you wanna download the theme below is the link of Chrome Web Store of this theme.

13.)  Beauty Theme

Beauty 1024x523

This is no nightlife nor any train track this one is a pure nature theme. The soothing wallpapers are set as a background. The greenery forest with a light green colour looks great. The green tint doesn’t get applied to the title bar as we have seen is earlier themes. I think this really the best nature theme available in Chrome. I can say only one word ”beautiful” nature theme available right now for Google Chrome. If you agree then download the theme from below links.

14.) Sunset Theme

Sunset Theme 1024x523

As the name suggests a this is the best sunset theme for Google Chrome. When I searched for a sunset theme and I found this then I immediately installed this theme. Like we have seen in the above themes the title bar colour doesn’t get changed. But in this, the title bar colour changes with respect to the wallpaper. That is the title bar becomes transparent and the wallpaper part is get applied to the title bar. Check out the screenshot above to get more visual reference. Download the theme from the below links.

15.) Material Grey

Material grey 1024x525

There’s already a place for material themes in my case. These themes look great and wallpaper is simple but really eye-catchy. This wallpaper has grey, red, blue colours. The wallpaper gets applied to the background and it doesn’t merge with the title bar as we have seen in the Sunset theme. This theme is simple and elegant and looks good. See the screenshot above to get more of visual reference. The download link is given below. Visit the link and tap on add to chrome to get the theme installed in Google Chrome.

So that’s all for today, these were the best Google Chrome Themes according to my opinion from different categories. Also, These are minimalist google chrome themes. If you like the post share it with your friends, Follow our social pages to get all update as soon as possible. Follow here. If you like this guide, please share it with other communities and forums ?. Don’t forget to join our telegram group for more wallpapers, Themes, Ringtones Update –

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