20 Best Nova Launcher Setups with Icon Packs, Widgets and Wallpapers

If you are an Android user, then you may customize your phone by theming, modding Android phones with launcher and themes. But if the device doesn’t support them in the stock launcher, then you need the extraordinary launcher Nova Launcher. Stock-based Android phones like Google Pixel, OnePlus has no online themes or icon, either theme installation features, but you can theming your android device with Nova Launcher. With Nova Launcher, you can create your own theme with thousand of icons, widgets, and wallpapers. In this post, we will show you 20 Best Nova Launcher Setup 2020 updates collected from Reddit and other communities.

When Android was initially launched, there weren’t many options for installing launchers and changing wallpapers, as well as customization. Over time, Android has evolved. The Android ecosystem has grown in size and the incredible Android community. Some OEMs offer an option to change themes on an Android device, but most devices do not. That’s where the Nova Launcher comes into play it works without rooting the device. This is a standalone application that you can download from the Google Play Store to theming your device.


  • Make sure you have updated your Android device to the latest Android.
  • Install Nova Launcher or Nova Launcher prime from the play store.

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Price: Free

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  • Also, install ZEDGE for fast wallpapers download.

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Developer: Zedge
Price: Free+
  • Follow our instruction and apply the Widget, icon and wallpaper.

Best Nova Launcher Setups

Minimalistic Setup

Minimalistic scaled

Minimalistic Setup created by Reddit member jrc7991 its clean everybody loves it.


PEKKA nova setup

Pekka created by youtube content creator it named from the clash of clans game character.

Black Tree

Black Tree

The easy Setup created by Reddit member J7rock its a simple design setup.


JHON nova setup

One of the best customizations that I found on Europe forum, the user also shared the nova setup backup file so you can easily restore the setup on your device.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley NOVA setup

This setup has a perfect combination of color with the Widget skin organized according to the wallpaper. Monument Valley is just great.


Breathtaking nova setupThe Setup created by Reddit member ghano_develop it’s awsome setup with last race Wallpaper.

Enchanted Flower

Enchanted Flower nova

The setup based on Flower wallpaper with stunning well-placed icons.



The second best customizations that I found on Europe forum, the user also shared the nova setup backup file so you can easily restore the setup on your device.

Ghano DZpro Dark screen

Dark screen nova

The Setup created by Reddit member ghano_develop it’s dark theme setup with dark Wallpaper.

Dark Bat

Dark Bat nova setup

The nova launcher setup for DC batman lovers, a continent with animated batman wallpaper and matched icons. the setup is just awesome thanks to the creator.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky nova setup1


This nova launcher Setup one of the best theme I have found in Reddit. The Setup created by Reddit member Astonish_Skagen it’s dark theme setup with dark Wallpaper.

Urban Boy

Urban Boy nova setup

The Urban Boy theme crated with Urban Boy wallpaper created by InsWall GitHub member. The Ghosty widget and Deligent icon pack look awsome with the wallpaper.

Cool Girl

Cool Girl nova setup1

The Setup created by Reddit member ghano_develop it’s an awesome simple home setup with the girl :p.

Red Dark Moon

Red Dark Moon nova setup

A beautifully designed nova setup with the help of KWGT widget and MoonShine icon pack along with a minimalistic clouds wallpaper. Thanks for the creator for the Nova Backup file so you can easily restore the setup on your phone.

Clean Homepage

Clean Homepage nova setup 2


The Setup created by Reddit member zale_dean it’s Clean theme setup with nature Wallpaper.

Good Morning

Good Morning nova setup2

The Setup created by Reddit member ghano_develop it’s clean and minimal theme setup with black Wallpaper.

Staying warm

Staying warm nova setup

The Setup created by Reddit member arindom-setups it’s simple and minimal theme setup with bonfire Wallpaper.

Minimal White

Minimal White nova setup

The Setup created by Reddit member ghano_develop the beautiful setup with the white Wallpaper matched witch the icon.

Hipster Running

Hipster nova setup

The Setup created by Reddit member ghano_develop the simple setup with the Running man Wallpaper and the colour matched perfectly witch the icon.

Just beautiful

Just beautiful

and at the end, I am sharing my own simple setup, with Whicons and om namah shivay Wallpaper for God Mahadeva devotees.

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

How To Setup Nova Launcher

In this guide, we will share how to setup Widget, icon, Home Screen Grid, icon size and how to restore nova backup.

  1. Download and install Nova Launcher and KWGT widget or others widget and complete the setup.
  2. Download and install Icon pack and apply it from Nova Setting ⇒ Look & Feelicon styleIcon theme option.
  1. Now change the Wallpaper by Hold Home Screen ⇒ tap on Wallpaper ⇒ Pick image and Set the Home Screen wallpaper as your setup.nova setup 4
  2. Now add a KWGT Widget on your home screen as your widget size, now tap on the widget on the home screen and find and select the KWGT Widget.
    • KWGT Tips ( Dark Sky  setup)
    • Search S&s066 widget or look for it on Sun & Sea widget.
    • You can change the Widget color resize the widget also you can change the font.
    • Tap on Overlap Group select ⇒ text ⇒ position ⇒ change to top.
    • Change the text color from the paint ⇒ color as matched with wallpaper (ff6738).
    • Change the font.
    • back and change the date color from ⇒ globals ⇒ col.
    • Then tap on save.
  3. Change icon size Go to nova setting Home screen ⇒ Icon layout ⇒ icon size (set icon size as your)nova setup 5
  4. Now experiment with nova setting and do more customization on home screen and drawer
  5. Watch youtube videos on how to use KWGT and Nova Launcher.
  6. To restore nova backup file Go-To ⇒ Backup & Import settings ⇒ Restore or manage backup.

We have also created a KWGT and Nova Launcher guide on customization we will upload the video when it completes done.

If you like these Nova Launcher setups then please share it with other communities and forums :). Don’t forget to join our telegram group for more wallpapers, Themes, Ringtones Update – https://getdev.me/telegramdev.

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