How To Start Call Forwarding On Android [Easy Methods]

The Call Forwarding On Android is just a basic need right now. Cause on any phone it can be enabled and its the most feature which saves from lots of troubles. Like when your anyone mobile sim card got lots then you can use Android Call Forwarding which will forward your calls to the number you want. Another instance like when you are travelling then you can forward calls Android to save the roaming charges by call forward on android to local sim. So if you want to know how to set up or start call forwarding on android following just simple steps so here you go.

There are lots of Android smartphone from different manufacturers and with different UI skin. So there will be a change of option or just an alternate way to forward calls Android. Like Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei has its own UI over Android. Other Nokia, Google, Essential are having stock Android so they have the same options. So you can just dig up some to enable call forwarding on Android. You can set the android call forwarding as per the sim accordingly.

Start Call Forward:

1.) Now to forward calls android just open the Phone/dialer app your Android. I am using a Xiaomi smartphone so it has MIUI on it, the procedure is the same just icons are different.
2.) Just tap on the settings, then there are options for various call options.
3.) Go to Calls_Forwarding settings.
4.) Select the sim for which you want android_call forwarding.
5.) Now in the call android call forwarding, there are lots of options like,
When Busy: This will forward calls when your call comes busy when someone calls you. In short when you choose not to pick up or answer the incoming call then the call will be forwarded.
When unreachable: This option will forward_calls android when your phone is switched off. Put on aeroplane mode or you are in no network area.
Always Forward: This option is useful when you always want to forward the calls. This will come in handy when travelling or your sim is lost. You will not even get a call, the calls will be directly forwarded to your set number.
When Unanswered: When you don’t answer the phone after ringing the call will be forwarded.
6.) Now you know all the options and what they are for, so you can select your desired option. Then enter the number you want to forward the calls to and turn on the call forwarding.


Start Call_forward From USSD Codes:

You can start the call forward by using the USSD codes.

In phone dialer app, dial *67*# the call_forward will open. There are lots of USSD codes for different operations.

you can try below codes for call_forwards. Dial the code and at the end just enter # code.

for always forward –> *21*

Forward When,

  • Not Picked Up –> *61*
  • Out Of Range –>  *62*
  • The line is Busy –> *67*
  • Doesn’t Pick Up or Out Of Range –> *004*

Done, you have now started the android call forwarding. If you want to turn it off just go to the same steps and turn off. If you like the post, don’t forget to share it!! Also, like our official facebook page for more updates!! Join our telegram channel for updates directly to your phone!!

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