How To Enable Dark Mode On WhatsApp Stable Version [Root Required]

There are many apps nowadays that are ready to give the dark mode. The YouTube, recently messenger app also introduced the dark mode. The dark mode is most liked by users. Dark Mode helps in reducing battery consumption mainly on AMOLED devices. Now in the latest BETA Android Version of WhatsApp, they included the dark mode.  Now you can enable dark mode on WhatsApp Stable version with the root access easily by modifying some files. The Android 10 already has now system-wide dark mode support. The third-party apps are also jumping in the Dark mode.

WhatsApp Dark Mode:

Currently, there are lots of modded WhatsApp apps available which gives dark modes. Also, the WhatsApp BETA gives the dark mode, but if you are using the stable version the dark mode isn’t rolled out yet. So with the root access, you can enable dark mode on_WhatsApp stable version. If you want to enable the dark mode on WhatsApp web you can see this separate guide. So without further due let’s start.


  • Rooted Android Phone
  • Latest Stable version of WhatsApp

How To Enable_WhatsApp_Dark Mode:

1.) Download the root explorer from the play store. You can download this solid explorer from the play store. Open the solid explorer, when you select the root folder from the menu it will ask for granting root access, grant access.

2.) Now go to the root partition of solid explorer. Navigate to Data –> Data –> com.WhatsApp folder. Go to the shared_prefs folder and look for com.whatsapp_preferences.xml file.

3.) Open the file, now you have to add the following code to the XML file, anywhere between <map> and <\map> tags.

<boolean name=”dark_mode” value=”true” />

4.) Now save the file, force close the WhatsApp.

5.) Open WhatsApp again now in the settings there will be theme option from which you can select the dark mode!!

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