How to Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp Web, Facebook, Reddit and more Popular websites

WhatsApp is just one of those programs which have prevented dark mode for a while others such as Skype, Telegram, etc. quick to adopt it. That and the prevalence of this program have made WhatsApp’s dark manner big news. Nearly every month, I see a person post about the story of dark mode in WhatsApp beta. And still, the business is apparently still analyzing it. As you wait, at least it is possible to enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp Web, Facebook, Reddit. This is achieved by a browser extension that injects its code to enable the Dark Mode in Popular websites.

Enable Web Dark Mode

If you went online this past year and followed anything remotely about the program, you couldn’t have missed the information in the dark mode. It is everywhere, from iOS to Android, macOS, Windows, as well as in many apps. Linux users prefer to point out that they’ve been on this feature for several years. WhatsApp is a favourite messaging app, is analysing dark mode on Android and iOS. However, can you use the feature WhatsApp Web? Yes, It’s still possible to enable the WhatsApp dark mode on the WhatsApp Web, even if WhatsApp doesn’t allow it. You can Enable the Dark Mode in WhatsApp Web with a Chrome Extension called Stylus, and we will guide you on how to enable the dark mode in Popular websites like WhatsApp Web, Facebook, Reddit.

Stylus Chrome Extension Features

Stylus allows you to enable dark mode in popular websites like whatsapp web, facebook, reddit etc. The app not just enable dark mode, but you can also change different color green, red anything.

  • Versatility of theme installation options. Stylus supports installs from popular online repositories. Additionally, styles can now also be installed from .user.css or .user.styl URLs
  • A backup feature for your entire database of installed styles which is compatible with other userstyles managers.
  • An intuitive and configurable automatic update function for installed styles.
  • A highly customizable UI, including theming, optional layouts, icon and badge color choices, along with many other tweaks.
  • Two different optional code validators with user-configurable rules.

Download & Install Stylus

Stylus extension is available on the Chrome web store for Chrome browsers as also for the Firefox browser via the Firefox Add-ons website.

Stylus extensionChrome Stylus | Firefox Stylus

How to Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp Web, Facebook, Reddit, etc

1. First, install Stylus extension on your browser, and visit, or Reddit.
2. Click on the Stylus extension icon on your browser.
3. In the popup, click on find styles and install any theme.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

4. After installing the theme just refresh the browser to load the dark mode.

WhatsApp Dark Mode 2

That’s it you can enable dark mode in different websites like facebook reddit with this same method.

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