How to Install Fastboot/ADB on Mac – To Flash Android Recovery, Boot on Mac

Here is the latest guide to Install Fastboot and ADB on Mac easy guide with screenshots. With this guide, you can setup ADB Fastboot on your Apple MacBook with macOS, OS X operating system. We will also share the Latest Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tools for Mac. With fastboot ADB tool, you can flash recovery.img, boot.img system.img file on your Mac.

2018 there is new lots of Android phone will come with new Android operating system Android O and Android P, and the new Android operating system needs new ADB and Fastboot Tools to develop and customizes the phone. If you are a developer and Android Geek want’s to customize the phone you need the ADB android and Fastboot SDK Tools to flash boot, recovery images, and zip’s. We have shared the latest Minimal ADB and Fastboot-Tools and uploaded only latest ADB and Fastboot Tools in the zip file.

About android sdk mac

The Android Studio or Android SDK tools used for the developed Android application. However, if you need it for small jobs like unlocking the bootloader, flashing boot or recovery image or the full factory images, you can also use the Minimal version of ADB and Fastboot Tools for Windows. The main Android Studio or Android SDK tools size are too big but Minimal ADB and Fastboot-Tools only are 4 to 5 Mb. Here we have shared the Minimal ADB and Fastboot-Tools and uploaded only latest ADB and Fastboot Tools in the zip file.

Fastboot/ADB for Windows:-  Install System Wide Fastboot/ADB On Windows

How to Install Fastboot ADB on Mac

Setting up ADB and Fastboot will fix ADB command not found mac problem. Setting up ADB and Fastboot on Mac is as Easy as in Windows. Among the first things to keep in mind is to set your device in USB Debugging Mode. Without doing so, your MacBook will not recognize your device.

How to Setup Fastboot ADB on Mac

1. Before starting the process makes sure you have Enabled USB Debugging Mode on your Android Phone. Without Enable USB Debugging your MacBook will not recognize your Android device.

2. Download ADB for Mac Latest Mac Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool zip from the anchor text and unzip the zip file.

3. Now create a folder and name it “android” (without quotes). You can create the folder anywhere on your system create it somewhere you’ll easily remember.

Mac create new folder
credit – AshtonTS Xda

4. Now copy all the files from platform-tools folder into android folder.

adb fastboot mac

5. Now you can flash Android boot, recovery images, and zip’s from your mac. Just copy boot, recovery images or zip files on “android” folder and Open a Terminal window from Applications > Utilities and go to the “android” path by this command cd / <directory>

cd /Users/<yourusername>/Desktop/android
  • Rename <yourusername> to username of you mac i have created android folder into desktop so i have choice /Desktop/android.

mac fastboot via terminal

Install Fastboot/ADB System Wide on Mac

Whenever you access ADB and fastboot programs in your own computer, you constantly have to browse into the directory in which you extracted the binaries. Luckily, XDA member AshtonTS has found a workaround that allows you to use System Wide fastboot and ADB so which you are able to conduct and execute commands from anywhere in your own Mac.

1. Open Terminal window from Applications > Utilities and type this commands.

nano ~/.bash_profile

2. Now add the “android” directory via this command

export PATH=${PATH}:/Users/<yourusername>/Desktop/android

Change the Directory where you have created the android folder. If you have created android folder on other folder then command should be export PATH=${PATH}:/folder-name/android.

Fastboot ADB System Wide On Mac

3. Once you have added the Directory, press CTRL+X to exit, then Y to confirm then press enter to save it.

4. Now test adb fastboot System Wide working or not by open Terminal and paste adb devices command. If its showing waiting for device, then it’s working if not then review the steps.

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