How To Install The Thanos MOD And Snap Your System!!

Okay, the Avengers having too much hype right now. The most bad ass super villain Thanos is the main thing about this movie. The power of Thanos just by snapping the fingers with the Infinity Gauntlet and removing the 50% of the Universe population. Easy peezy right? Though the Snapping the fingers is too much popular now. Then how our developers will not respond to this :D. The one of the XDA recognised developer SWAPNIL SONI developed the Thanos MOD which will snap your system!! Its not like snapping the fingers but it does the same. The Thanos MOD will delete RANDOM system files. Just follow the post to Install The Thanos MOD And Snap Your System!!

The Thanos MOD:

Thanks to the XDA developer SWAPNIL SONI for this awesome MOD. To delete the system files to give us boot-loops. All credits goes to him.:D So why should you install this? You really don’t wanna see how Thanos can snap the system and remove the random files from your system? Really? Here we are giving you the chance to try it!! So lets try it now!!

Okay, this is just a prank it will not delete any kind of system files, just try and watch who’s gonna fade with that Thanos Snapping the system. Its kinda fun to try it so you should try it too. See below screenshot.

When Thanos Snapped The System:

thanos 576x1024

So try it on your device, or just you can prank your friends and give them a little heart attack!! Download the ZIP file from below link and flash it VIA TWRP recovery.

Download Thanos MOD:

Flash it VIA TWRP Recovery

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