Universal TWRP Flasher Tool for All Android Devices

Here is the noob friendly TWRP Flasher Tool created by Masked, This tool will flash twrp recovery on all Android device expect Huawei Android 8.0+ and Samsung devices. If you don’t know how to flash twrp recovery via command promote then this tool will you to flash twrp recovery in the background you just have to follow the basic steps to use the tool.

If you just started exploring Android devices, you will know the important parts of Android for modding rooting. Custom Recovery is one of the essential parts of Android Phone. Without custom recovery, you can’t root the device. When you install twrp, you can able to flash moded zip files other Rom’s, boot animation and many more.

What Is TWRP Recovery?

TWRP Recovery is custom made recovery developed and maintained by the people over at TeamWin Team. With TWRP, it is possible to take the whole Android device (nandroid) backup, and install/flash rooting scripts such as SuperSU, Magisk Custom ROMs/MODs, and other related things.

You can download TWRP Recovery from our blog we regularly update TWRP Recovery and rooting guide for Android Devices. Or you can get official twrp recovery from TWRP: TeamWin website or other Android Forums. Team Win Recovery Project Twrp recovery is the best-known custom recovery from few years.

This tool is made for new Android users who just exploring Android Customization. Xda member Masked created this Universal TWRP Flasher Tool for All Android device expect Samsung and Huawei device. This tool will flash TWRP image file in the background, you just have to download the twrp recovery file and copy the file into the tool folder.


Universal TWRP Flasher Tool

Universal-TWRP-Flasher-Too-v1.zip Latest TWRP Recovery

Instructions to use Universal TWRP Flasher

  • Download The tool and unzip the TWRP folder.
  • Copy the TWRP folder into C:\ drive.

Universal TWRP Flasher Tool

  • Download the TWRP image file and rename it to TWRP.img.
  • Copy the TWRP.img file into C:\TWRP\Files.
  • Read Pre-requisites enable USB Debugging and install adb fastboot driver.
  • Connect your phone in normal mode and run Universal TWRP Flasher – **.exe.
  • The program will boot your phone into fastboot mode and will flash twrp file for you.

Comment below if you were getting any error with this tool we can help you on that.

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